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Sari Gabbay

president & chief creative officer

Make them FALL IN LOVE with your Brand! Once that happens, it's all gravy from there.

Since 2002, Sari Gabbay has been at the helm of the U2R1 ship. President and founder, she started the agency after making her mark as a freelance web and graphic designer in Toronto, taking on clients from fashion to food to technology and lifestyle.

“I love everything about my business, from building my dream to manifesting my own road to prosperity. I love developing creative campaigns, designs and strategies. I’m working with an amazing team to help clients achieve their dreams! Really, it’s more like play — everyday!”

Passionate about inspiring True Prosperity within her clients, Sari also consults one-on-one with small business entrepreneurs to advise and educate them on how to create success make their clients fall in love with their brand.  She’s given businesses the means of expressing themselves, and has given them the tools for growth and prosperity. One step at a time Sari builds the brands of the future.

U2R1 Integrity

U2R1 = connected as one

We believe that as industry leaders, we have a responsibility to our brand to meet and exceed all of our commitments by upholding our five integrities

U2R1 Integrity: U2R1 = connected as one

Business Integrity

business = giving + receiving

We practice honesty, respect and understanding amongst our clients, our associates and ourselves.

Business Integrity: business = giving  + receiving

Design Integrity

design = art + integrity

We set a standard of quality by creating beautiful designs with vision and purpose.

Design Integrity: design = art + functionality

Communication Integrity

communication = thought + delivery

We choose to consciously deliver every message with value and significance.

Communication Integrity: communication = thought + delivery

Human Integrity

human = soul + body

We uphold the highest level of business consciousness fueled by the essence of humanity.

Human Integrity: human = soul + body

Fun Integrity

fun = joy + excitement

We believe in doing what we love. Life is about meaningful, playful moments.

Fun Integrity: fun = joy + excitement