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TanenbaumCHAT Case Study

TanenbaumCHAT Case Study

The Challenge:

In the midst of their 50th anniversary TanenbaumCHAT approached U2R1 to transform their public image and increase enrolment. They required a new, fresh, and exciting look for their academy and we couldn’t help but to accommodate them! Understanding that the general public and community saw the school as “too stuffy”, “too Jewish”, or “not Jewish enough”, we focused on streamlining their brand to create an emotional campaign that would appeal to the target audience of students and parents.

TanenbaumCHAT wanted to create an image that appealed to all levels of the Jewish faith; they wanted to present themselves as a modern, warm, and friendly educational academy that was in touch with the ever-shifting times.  We needed to expand our marketing efforts and flex our muscles to reach out to students and their parents in a way that was current, modern, and visually appealing.

The Solution:

U2R1 assessed TanenbaumCHAT’s goals and objectives by getting familiar with the school, the faculty, the students, life on campus, and the school’s core values so we had a deep and rich understanding of who the school was and what they wanted to become. We took the time to discover what made them special and unique. Our strategy was to communicate to both the students and their parents, as we firmly believed that they both play a major and critical role in the decision-making process.

As a result, we created TanenbaumCHAT’s new brand identity and creative campaign “I Am TanenbaumCHAT” which took an in-depth look into the six pillars of the school’s education model. The campaign communicated what it meant to be part of TanenbaumCHAT on an emotional level, targeting various interests that would appeal to any individual student, depending on what they decided was important and crucial to them.

The campaign was so effective that we decided to integrate it into their brand identity and internal messaging as well. Once the strategy and creative visuals were solidified we executed a citywide effort introducing the new campaign and brand, which included: recruitment brochures, promotional videos, print and bus shelter ads, and social media interaction.

The Outcome

The brand and marketing initiative was a tremendous success and the feedback from parents and the school was very encouraging and overwhelmingly positive. We had the community talking about the school in a new and exciting way, and the new brand identity effortlessly infiltrated the community – creating a buzz.

Enrolment numbers increased and TanenbaumCHAT leveraged their new brand image to launch their “Together” campaign, a fundraising initiative to raise 10 million dollars to build a new science wing for the school.

TanenbaumCHAT has since hired us for a second year to launch a new campaign called “What’s Your Adventure” and they continue to work on a retainer to manage their marketing initiative. We are still consulting with them on a regular basis.

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