Marketing is more than shouting at your audience...

you have to be saying something worthwhile!

Marketing should be the most important facet of your business. Should you choose to invest in one building block, and only one, marketing is the foundation that will determine your company’s unwavering success. Sales and marketing work hand in hand; marketing legitimizes your sales and allows your employees to promote your business in a creatively exciting and unique way.

There are so many avenues in which to market a business, and the strategies we create focus on; the type of business, the desired outcome, and your overall revenue model and goals. U2R1 crafts marketing and execution plans that build a strategy, which in turn, enhance your bottom line.

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Of course we can't forget the power of media!

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The media influences consumers and potential consumers in a profound way and we believe that the press is an invaluable asset to your product or service. Their support can speak volumes, boost your credibility and yes, even your sales. Integrating the right communications strategy, together with our strong media relations and sought-after connections, U2R1 can implement an unbeatable marketing initiative that will launch your brand in the minds and desires of the target clientele, leaving them compelled to reach out and search for more.

We see ourselves as storytellers and we pair effortlessly with the press to have your story shared through television interviews, prominent website articles, newspaper and magazine editorials, and celebrity affiliation. We feel that each company has a compelling story and we want to help you tell that story to initiate a buzz worthy outcome that not even a million bees could match. We want to help you to appeal to emotions, sensory experiences; whatever we feel is necessary to appeal to your target audience. Just don’t ask us to tell you a bedtime story.

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