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Robbins Hebrew Academy Case Study

Robbins Hebrew Academy Case Study

The Challenge:

As a result of TanenbaumCHAT’s successful marketing campaign and new brand, Robbins Hebrew Academy approached us to advise and work with them on building their brand and marketing initiative. Their message was inconsistent and they very much-needed to streamline their brand to make it compelling and inviting. RHA was getting ready to close down one of their campuses and expressed their concern. Enrolment was declining and the academy was losing prospective students to their competitors.

Being surrounded by many Jewish day schools, the competition was fierce and RHA needed to take the next big leap to ensure that they stood out in a sea of strong contenders. Their message was dated and the inconsistencies became confusion to their audience. They need something that was different, fresh and that positioned them as the 21st century leaders in Jewish education.

The Solution:

The great thing about RHA is that they knew who they were at the core of their values, and we were able to instill that heart to bring their vision to life. The focus was geared around 21st century learning and critical thinking, and it was crucial that this message was conveyed in all of our marketing strategies. U2R1 researched the competition to ensure that we could create a campaign that surpassed that of the other schools and their marketing initiatives.

As a result the “Creating Wonder” campaign was created. What better way could we portray the wonderment in a child when they begin their lives, discovering all the possibilities and grandeur that the world has to offer? The message was clear: Every RHA student had the opportunity to be molded into the unique individual that they were. Being part of the RHA family would “engage students beyond their own imagination, giving them an education worthy of infinite potential”.

To add to that campaign, we created a custom storybook that was included in all recruitment materials. This storybook acted as the key element that helped RHA surpass the competition and position them on a whole new level. We executed the campaign through different mediums such as: print ads, transit ads, video, website, recruitment packaging, and social media marketing.

The Outcome:

Even though Robbins Hebrew Academy closed down one campus, they gained an increase in enrolment as a result of our strategic marketing initiative. The community feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the head of recruitment currently uses our storybook on tours of the school. Robbins Hebrew Academy was tremendously pleased with U2R1’s partnership as all of their expectations were met and exceeded.

See what they had to say:

U2R1 wrote and illustrated an original storybook called I’m on my way with RHA as part of a larger marketing campaign, “Creating Wonder”. Amidst the collateral material U2R1 created, this book stands out in its creativity and originality and has set us apart in a tight market. Our prospective parents love that it tells the story of a student’s first days at our school. The book captures not only our brand, but speaks directly to our target market in a novel way. When U2R1 suggested the concept, we were on our way… to a successful marketing campaign that has, indeed, created wonder.

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